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Revamp your wellness program with healthy snacks and beverages

Healthy Vending Machines on Oahu, Hawaii

Identify products that fit a healthy lifestyle with our easy to understand FitPick® program. Selections that meet calorie, fat, sugar and sodium guidelines are marked with stickers, labels or clings as FitPick® Products. Your employees or customers will have no trouble identifying these choices.

Healthy Vending Machines on Oahu, Hawaii

Healthy Product Choices

For those looking at alternative snacks and foods, Tailor Made is your answer. Our array of food, beverages, chips, bars and cookies with reduced levels of fat, cholesterol and sodium is the best on the island. We stock bottled waters, flavored waters, juices, low calorie sports drinks, locally made salads, fruit cups and many more refreshment sure to taste delicious.

Spa & Fitness Items

Does your business focus on fitness and wellness? We have a special product line-up just for you. We carry a full line of designer pre-workout, workout and post workout, drinks made by the biggest and best names in the business ideal for both the top-notch athlete and the weekend warrior. Re-energize and hydrate with essential nutrients when you need them most!


Having a nutritious alternative to traditional snacks and beverages produces healthier, happier employees. Enjoy fewer sick days and decreasing health insurance costs as more people turn to this increasing focus on healthy options. Already Tailor Made Vending meets the nutrition requirements at Hawaii hospitals with a large majority of healthy selections compared to a smaller number of traditional options. We understand state requirements and are ready and willing to produce a program just right for you.

Enjoy the positive results of a healthy refreshment program created with Tailor Made Vending -- (808) 484 VEND (8363) or tailormadevend@aol.com.

Located in Oahu, our service area includes but not limited to Honolulu, Waikiki, Winward Side,
Pearl City, Kopolei, Campbell Industrial, Hawaii Kai, Kailua, and Kaneohe.