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At Tailor Made, we understand what it takes to offer a great cold beverage program. We offer premium brand name beverages sought after by those on the island. Different flavors and varieties of cold beverages are rotated into the selection to keep the liquid refreshment mix interesting and new.

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Vending Machines on Oahu, Hawaii

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Fitness Items

Our gym drinks serves the specific needs of Spa, Fitness Centers, and Hard Core Gyms. We carry a full line of designer, pre-workout, workout and post workout, drinks made by the biggest and best in the business all designed for both the top-notch athlete and the weekend warrior.

These drinks are specifically formulated to energize, hydrate, and provide essential nutrition when you need it most! These items are also available in all our glass front vendors regardless of location. On your way to your son’s or daughter’s soccer match? Why not a sports drink for you and them before you head out the door?

Hot Beverage Vending Machines

A coffee vending machine from Tailor Made offers employees and guests a hot beverage any time of day or night. Users can opt for an 8oz or 12oz cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or cappuccino. Further customize the beverage by adding sugar and creamer with just the push of a button.


Get a tailor made beverage refreshment solution for your workplace. We guarantee a customized program, including subsidized and free vend options. Service representatives will come as often as needed to ensure the break room is never without great tasting hot and cold beverages.

Start enjoying the best beverage program on the island with Tailor Made Vending -- (808) 484 VEND (8363) or tailormadevend@aol.com.

Located in Oahu, our service area includes but not limited to Honolulu, Waikiki, Winward Side,
Pearl City, Kopolei, Campbell Industrial, Hawaii Kai, Kailua, and Kaneohe.